mountains and lake in Guatemala

 What do the words “outside of my comfort zone” really mean? Why do we let these too frequently used words control our decisions? Why do we build limitations for ourselves?

These are questions that I have been asking myself for quite some time. I am here to tell you that in my experience, having the courage to try something “outside of my comfort zone” are and will continue to be the best moments in my life.

I’m not suggesting that you jump out of a plane, dye your hair purple or eat bugs for dinner. (But if you want to do these things – by all means….) What I am suggesting is to give yourself the opportunity to learn more about YOU and  other humans around you by being courageous.

You know what’s really outside of my comfort zone? Digging into my insides and attempting to decipher who I am. This work comes along with great joy, great sorrow & all of the emotions in between and all around us. This requires us to be brave and examine ourselves to puzzle together our “whys”. Each time I delve into the far reaches outside of my comfort zone I am rewarded with knowledge I did not previously hold. This is the gold. So while peeling the onion makes me cry, I am compelled uncover all the layers.

When I am presented with a challenging decision, I sit silently with it before answering the call. I listen for the whys and the why nots. Is there  fear? A perceived lack of ability? Is it because it conflicts with an idea I was raised to believe? Will it teach me? Bring me joy? Expand my worldview?

When I ask these questions and listen in stillness the answer always comes. So, I will meet you there – on the outside of our comfort zones.

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