Allow our team of skilled providers to bring their magic to you. 

Services include (but are not limited to)

  • Yoga
  • Sound Healing
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Tarot & I Ching readings
  • Photography (Boudoir & Goddess)
Group Workshops include (but are not limited to)

  • Sound Bath
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Art Workshops
  • Group Coaching
  • Tarot Workshop
  • Dance
  • Photography

Art Workshops

Mandala Art Workshop

During this two-and-a-half-hour workshop I’ll walk you through the basics of drawing your own mandala. We begin with a brief grounding meditation to center ourselves inside of our creative space. I’ll introduce you to my super top-secret easy method to create stress-free mandalas. If you can make a mark on a page, you can draw a mandala. Your spirit, brain, and hands collaborate with your pen and paper to explore a landscape of lines and shapes as your mandala is born. Artistic skill or ability is not a prerequisite for this course. 

This workshop is perfect for you if you would like to expand your creativity, learn something new, adopt creating mandalas as a daily practice, if you wish to move beyond coloring mandalas drawn by others, or to expand your meditation practice. I foster a nurturing and playful atmosphere with an emphasis on joy and enrichment. 

If you wish, the mandala drawings from your group can be photographed and compiled into a coloring book for all participants. (Great for special occasions to have a keepsake of your time together)

Vision/Travel Journal Workshop

Imagine a cross between a catalogue of possibilities and a road map to your ideal future. Imagine looking ahead to see your most perfect life. Imagine a clear picture of your potential joys, achievements, and successes. 

We start with a brief guided meditation (it’s easy, don’t be scared) to plant you in your space and open you up to your own possibilities. We’ll do some quick creative and visualization exercises before diving into the juicy bits of envisioning our ideal futures. This is a stress-free workshop designed to kick-start you into your best future self.

Defining and creating a visual representation of your desires helps bring these ideal future versions of yourself to life. We carry so many hopes and dreams in our heads, it’s important to regularly check in with ourselves and calibrate our coordinates.  Are we where we want to be? Are we on the right path or even facing the right direction? A journal version of the classic vision board is a portable reminder of your goals and aspirations. 

This workshop will help you  nail down and clarify the specifics of where you want to go. You’ll walk away feeling inspired, with the motivation and encouragement to set you on your path.  


Dance Flow Workshop

Relax your mind and soothe your soul through guided movement that focuses on breath and meditative awareness. This organic dance flow is a cathartic release of energy through improvisational tools used in modern dance with no technical dance required. Explore movement with no barriers. The workshop begins as a kinesthetic, mind-body warm up and transpires into free form that will allow you to express your inner self. Journaling encouraged in between exercises. 
Femme Empowerment Choreography
Tap into your inner feminine divine with a high energy, choreography-based dance class. Sensual, flirty, and sexy movement will stimulate your focus and exercise your brain through learning choreography while providing you with a cardiovascular work-out. It is all about boosting confidence and having fun! This class will consist of two parts, beginning with an isometric and core centered workout followed by exciting choreography created just for you and your group. 

Insight and Realization Workshops

Sound Bath (Singing Bowls) 

A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to NURTURE YOUR MIND AND BODY.

The experience begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position, often with a blanket and an eye mask. After a few minutes of guided focus on the breath, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. The sounds are created by a variety of overtone-emitting instruments including tuning forks, gongs, shruti box, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, and voice.

When you sink into a Sound Bath and guide your awareness to your listening, you allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state.

The sounds introduced during a Sound Bath are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to unplug from external stimuli and to gain perspective on what’s going on within you. The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry and self-discovery.

Self Love, Activated – 

Does this sound like you?  You know somewhere deep down that you really are worth everything. But the world might have taught you that you aren’t. Somewhere along the way, a disconnect was created between your worth and your existence. Showing up in your full glory seems too scary, too intimidating, and you feel like you don’t deserve it anyways.

But what if we learn to silence the world and listen to ourselves instead? What if we find our own voice and make it the only one that matters? What would it look like to step into our day, knowing that we are beautiful – inside, outside, and all around? What would it feel like to live your live day-to-day, knowing your worth? Knowing your beauty. Knowing your strength. Not running from it any more, but embracing the badass you already know you are.  You don’t have to earn it, you already deserve it. Join Amy for Self Love, Activated and reclaim yourself.

Light Your Fire – 

This self-care centered workshop is a whole new way of approaching your self-care routine.  In this interactive workshop, we will discuss your current self-care routines, break down how they are serving you, and work through an activity that will allow you a new perspective on how you take care of yourself.  When we take care of ourselves in a way that lights our fire and fuels our flames, it’s so much easier to tackle the day and be effective in the other areas of our lives.  Keeping that flame alive takes intention, care, and the right kind of fuel.  Work with Amy to find out what lights your fire and keeps you going in a healthy and balanced way.

Interactive Tarot Workshop

Whether curiosity calls you or you’ve curated your own collection of amazing tarot decks, taking a tarot workshop is fun for the whole group to continue or create connection both with meanings of the cards and within the self.   

The workshop begins with breath-work for arousing our own intuitive energy, and coming to identify with an element of the tarot deck. Working individually and in a small group, you will learn the basics of Tarot and the opportunity to read for yourself and others .  

The tarot instructor will act as a guide in coming to learn the symbols and numbers along with their basic meanings and relationships during the workshop.  Each participant will be given an understanding of their ‘identifying’ tarot card, as well as assisting and supporting during the self and group reading practice. The workshop instructor will provide tarot decks to view and learn from.

Group hypnosis to meet your spirit guide.

During this group hypnosis you will be taken to a relaxing place, do a bit of space travel, open your chakras with the assistance of crystal chakra bowls, be led to meet a passed loved one and then be guided to meet your spirit guide. Your journey will be supported by the gentle healing energy of Reiki as Jessica escorts you through your beautiful subconscious mind. 

Soul Retrieval Workshop 

Reintegrate fragments of your soul that may have split off and recover your true self . When we are very sad or traumatized, angry or fearful pieces of our soul split off to protect us; through the soul retrieval process we bring these pieces back to ourselves.. 

A soul retrieval process may bring many positive changes to our lives. Through reintegrating the soul fragments,we can enjoy benefits such as feeling complete, safe, whole and more connected to our higher self.

During the soul retrieval process you will be led into a hypnotic regression  in which Jessica will use your chakras as a vehicle to assist you in discovering what pieces may have split off and guide you in bringing them back home to yourself.  Your journey will be supported by the gentle healing energy of Reiki.

Flow with Your Bliss Experience 

A multifaceted healing event that combines multiple wellness modalities. The experience begins with calming breath work and a guided meditation to begin to allow the body and mind to become settled. Immersed in a sound, gentle yoga postures are led to strengthen, relax & align the physical body. Alongside the postures the vibrational music continues supporting the energetic body.

Reiki, a universal life force energy, is shared with each participant to help provide restoration, peace, well-being and for the body, mind and spirit. A Hypno-Meditation and soothing head rub ends the event and guides you even deeper into a state of deep, dreamy relaxation.
You will leave feeling lighter, clearer, joyful, restored, and enter back into the world ready to flow with your bliss!


Kripalu Yoga
Heal your body, mind and spirit and return to your true nature with the practice of Kripalu Yoga, which extends off the mat and into every aspect of your life.
Kripalu means “being compassionate” in Sanskrit, and compassion for oneself and others lies at the heart of Kripalu Yoga. Kripalu Yoga  emphasizes and expands the intuition we all have within to listen to our body,breath and spirit. It cultivates non-judgement awareness and teaches us that our body is unique and special. Practicing Kripalu Yoga and developing this non-judgmental witness consciousness helps  your ability to consciously choose how to act on thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
Classes are designed for all levels and are tailored to the groups desire.

Beach Yoga 

Private yoga classes for groups on the beach. We can meet you on the beach at a location of your choice or at one of our favorite local spots. We can also meet you at the park, your home or rental, or anywhere you’d like to practice yoga. We are a mobile studio, we come to you! 
Our classes are perfect for all levels of yoga and beginner friendly! 
Private yoga classes include a Hatha Yoga Sequence, Pranayama, Meditation, and Aromatherapy! We provide tapestries/yoga mats, cold lavender towels, yoga straps and blocks

“Having Chrissy come to my house for Reiki sessions was perfect. I had recently gotten a cancer diagnosis and was very anxious. Her treatments not only calmed me, but gave me hope that I could beat the cancer. She treated me in my own home on my own bed! How convenient is that!”

“Sage came to my house for multiple sessions to help me with my migraine pain. She is a very caring and emphatic person and I always feel great after her sessions. I love the convenience of a massage in my own home where I am most comfortable.”


I’m still processing it all but I am sure I got everything I came for out of this experience. The closing ceremony with the sound and vibrations was everything. Your curation of these 3 days was tuned into my needs and I am so grateful.”


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50% deposit to hold your magic with the remainder due at the conclusion of the sessions. 
Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.
Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

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