Enchantment is a word that takes me back to being a little girl reading fairytales about romance, adventure, and magic. Enchantment was connected to a path of a charmed life, only bestowed upon the special girls – the chosen ones who had hair spun with gold, tiny little feet, and impossibly adorable singing voices.

Enchantment means so much more to me now.

On the full moon in January, I attended a sound bath with the Tybee town mystic. After I made my nest on the floor with all my comfy stuff (blankets, pillows, slippers, masks, you name it – I bring it – I’m kinda creaky) the journey began. I like to feel I am being guided into the “portal”. The portal is a space where I disconnect from my physical attachments and allow my thoughts to flow freely without judgement.

Soon, I had the sensation that I was holding a little girl. I was cradling her as if I was her mother. I realized this little girl in my mind’s eye was me. Tears began to fall, calmly, a necessity. I told her I would always love her, take care of her & protect her from harm. I have the power and the knowledge to protect myself and the little girl that still lives inside of me. It was a fleeting and poignant moment that I hope to never forget. The capacity that I have to love and take care of others needs to be bestowed upon myself.

The old narrative now goes: Once upon a time, a middle-aged woman opened her capacity to understand, met her inner-child and held her close in true enchantment.

And she lived happily ever after


*This particular sound bath was led by Jacilyn @windoverheaven. She uses singing bowls, chimes, and other instruments. She seems to float around like a fairy who dispenses lovely smelling oils from her wings.

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