I embarked on my personal journey for wellness and balance several years ago. I am constantly learning, changing, and making mistakes. One of the most important facets of my journey is giving back. It may seem counterintuitive to include volunteerism in your plan for balance. Let me tell you WHY and HOW it works.

First, let me say I was previously a “yes” girl. I said “yes” to everything without knowing what I was getting myself into. Now, I have firm boundaries and say “yes” when I am certain the opportunity aligns with my true path. Giving back helps others and it is also a deeply personal choice.

Currently, I am working with Savannah CASA to raise funds for the children in our local foster care system. Before I decided to take part in this endeavor, I asked myself some questions.

  1. Do I feel passionate about the organization?
  2. Do I feel supported by the organization?
  3. Will I learn something new about myself?
  4. Will I help to create community connection?
  5. Will I have fun?

(Let’s set aside how terrified I am to perform.¬† I truly believe that if I know something aligns with my path and it scares me, I need to do it anyway.)

Currently, I am into the thick of my fundraising goals. I have organized community events, I have been in the dance studio practicing with my amazing partner, @shanatoney and spreading awareness about what a gift CASA is to the kids in Chatham County.

This is how I have benefitting by donating my time and energy:

  1. I have made new connections within my community.
  2. I am following through with a promise which makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.
  3. I am learning about how to create opportunities for others who may not have the same resources as I do.
  4. it’s FUN!

My final advice to you: if you are looking to donate your time, energy and emotions to fundraising organization, make sure it sits well in your body. I know this sounds a little out there but it works! Make sure you get the feels when you are deciding to commit. If this doesn’t happen, it may not be the one for you. Luckily, there are several avenues to create significant change.

List of Opportunities

Savannah Chatham CASA

Loop It Up

Planned Parenthood

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